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Criminal Defense

No matter your age, facing criminal charges is frightening. A conviction could mean imprisonment, fines, probation and community service, plus many long-term consequences such as hindering your ability to get a job or find decent housing.

A Birmingham Lawyer Fighting For The Best Outcome In Criminal Cases

My name is Clyde Riley, a criminal defense attorney in Birmingham, Alabama. I realize that good people make mistakes, which is why you should call the Riley Law Firm. Specific areas of my criminal defense practice include:

As your lawyer, I will use every tool at my disposal to get charges against you dismissed or reduced. I will thoroughly examine all evidence and arrest reports to try and rebut the prosecution’s case. If appropriate, we will explore the possibility of any pretrial diversion program. If a trial is required, I will aggressively prepare your case.

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If you need an aggressive defense of the criminal charges against you, call the Birmingham-based Riley Law Firm at 205-212-5577. You can also contact me online.

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