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There can be many different reasons that an Alabama driver might have his or her license suspended or revoked. A conviction for DUI, failing or refusing to submit to a chemical test as part of a DUI investigation, serious traffic violations and excessive points can result in suspension or revocation. The loss of your right to operate a vehicle can have a serious impact on your ability to make a living and fulfill other obligations.

In Alabama, there is no process for obtaining a so-called “hardship license” to get you to and from work, take your kids to school or drive your family to church. Once your license has been suspended or revoked, your right to drive is gone. If you have been notified that your license is being suspended or revoked for any reason, contact a lawyer immediately.

I Work Hard To Save Your Driver’s License

At the Riley Law Firm, I represent clients throughout the Greater Birmingham area in a variety of driver’s license suspension and revocation cases. There are several effective defenses that can be employed in these matters. I take the time to fully investigate the case and work closely with you to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident. I will do everything I can to avoid a conviction on the current charge and the suspension of your license.

DUI License Suspension

If you are facing license suspension in connection with a DUI arrest, it will be necessary to request an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing through the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency. You only have 10 days to request a hearing before your suspension is automatically scheduled to commence. Provided that you have not already missed this deadline, I will request your ALS hearing and be there to represent you.

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Do not give up your right to drive without first talking to an attorney. Contact my office to discuss your case and learn more about how I can help you. Please contact my Birmingham office online or by calling 205-212-5577 to schedule an initial consultation.

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