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The purpose of alimony is to provide support to a dependent former spouse and to attempt to preserve the economic status of the parties as it existed during the marriage. The state of Alabama does not have a fixed standard by which trial courts are to award alimony. The determination of alimony and the amount allotted will likely be the most contested aspects of a divorce.

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The Supreme Court of Alabama has identified a number of factors a trial court should consider when being asked to award alimony, including the length of the marriage; the age and health of the parties; the future employment prospects of the parties; the source, value and type of property owned; and the standard of living to which the parties had become accustomed prior to the divorce.

Whether you are trying to have alimony awarded to you, or you are opposing any award of alimony to your spouse, the result will hinge on pretrial preparation and the presentation of the appropriate evidence to the trial court. The gathering and presentation of this evidence is the key to a successful result.

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