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Working To Protect Your Parental Rights In Child Relocation Cases

Unless there is specific evidence to the contrary, Alabama law assumes that a child’s interests are best served when he or she is able to have a meaningful relationship with both parents. In order for these relationships to flourish, it is important for both parents to have access to the children without obstruction.

If the parent who has primary custody of the children wishes to move away, it can interfere with the other parent’s access to the children. Alabama courts are extremely hesitant to approve any action that does not promote the most meaningful parent-child relationship possible. Whether you are a custodial parent who wishes to relocate or a non-custodial parent whose access to the children could be in jeopardy, having an experienced lawyer is essential.

Understanding Alabama Law Surrounding Child Relocation

The Alabama Child Relocation Act includes specific requirements for custodial parents who wish to move away with their children. The language of the Act is included in every divorce agreement and cannot be changed. Under the law, the relocating parent must provide the non-relocating parent with a minimum of 45 days notice by certified mail if the proposed move is at least 60 miles away. The non-relocating spouse has the right to challenge the move and may petition the court to block it or request a modification of the child custody order.

Disputes over a proposed relocation can become extremely emotional and contentious matters. At the Riley Law Firm in Birmingham, Alabama, I use my more than 25 years of divorce litigation experience to guide my clients through even the most highly contested proceedings. My experience representing both relocating and non-relocating parents allows me to provide the proactive and efficient representation they need.

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These cases are very fact specific, and a compelling argument needs to be made for parties on either side. Contact attorney Clyde Riley to get honest answers to your questions about child relocation. You can schedule an appointment by calling 205-212-5577 or by contacting my office via email.

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