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Protecting Your Rights In Complex Divorce

Divorces involving significant financial assets and high-incomes present special challenges. A divorce between couples with considerable assets or income involves more than just determining who gets the house. These kinds of marriages will typically involve one or more of the following valuation and allocation issues:

  • Family-owned or other closely held businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Bonus and performance-based compensation
  • Stock options, restricted stock units or other stock awards
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Deferred compensation and other non-qualified retirement accounts
  • Real estate ventures
  • Inherited property

Knowledge And Experience To Overcome Challenges And Complexities

High-asset and high-income divorce cases also present challenges in addition to business valuation, asset allocation and stock splits. One or both of the parties will have the financial resources to litigate for an extended period of time and can therefore attempt to wear down his or her spouse with delay and counsel fees. Additionally, self-employment may obscure the true income of a self-employed spouse. High-asset and high-income spouses also need special care and attention from an attorney with respect to the amounts of financial support to be paid.

A knowledgeable lawyer can be instrumental in protecting your property rights and helping to ensure you have the financial resources you need following your divorce. My undergraduate degree is in accounting, and I have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your high-asset and high-income divorce.

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