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Seeking Maximum Benefit In The Division Of Stock Options

Many employees, particularly high-level executives, often have stock options included as part of their overall compensation packages. Stock options that are vested are due to be included in the marital estate and subject to the equitable division at the time of the divorce.

Depending on the circumstances, the division of stock options can be a complex matters, and a qualified lawyer can help to ensure that you receive a division that provides the most benefit. At the Riley Law Firm, I represent clients in all aspects of property division and other divorce-related matters. My accounting background allows me to provide insightful analysis and sound advice regarding the best approach to the division.

Helping You Through A Complex Process

I will work closely with you to understand your short- and long-term needs and goals, and develop a customized strategy that accommodates your specific needs. I will advise you on the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with a particular approach and work to ensure that you have all of the information you need in order to make the best decision for you and your family.

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Let me help with your questions regarding the division of stock options. I invite you to schedule an initial consultation with attorney Clyde Riley today. You can reach my Birmingham, Alabama, office by phone at 205-212-5577 or via email by completing my online intake form.

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