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Your Property Settlement Is Your Financial Future

I will work hard to protect your financial interests

If your marital property settlement will include significant financial assets and income, you need a divorce lawyer who understands that the financial stakes are high. I use more than 25 years of experience in Alabama divorce law to make sure the assets are on the table and the property is divided equitably.

  • More than 25 years of experience

  • Clear, honest communication

  • I work with forensic accountants and other specialists

Let’s discuss your concerns

Worrying about your property settlement won’t help. I will.

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Why Riley Law Firm?

When financial assets count, my experience counts

If the equitable distribution of significant and complex marital assets will be a concern in your Alabama divorce, it is important to know you can trust your attorney to protect your financial interests.

I offer decades of experience in divorce property settlements involving:

  • High income, bonuses, commissions and deferred compensation
  • Stocks and security investments
  • Residential and commercial real estate, primary and secondary residences
  • Business holdings, professional practices
  • Retirement savings, 401(k), IRAs and pensions
  • Military benefits
  • Other types of assets and holdings