Infidelity and the Internet

Infidelity is not a new issue. In fact, it’s one that has likely been an issue in monogamous relationship for centuries, if not millennia. What is new, however, is the way in which potential extra-marital partners are found. While they used to be mutual friends or perhaps coworkers with whom the cheating spouse in question had a physical relationship, today it is far easier to find partners than ever before. In fact, this ease of access has changed the way in which infidelity is pictured entirely.

Given the dramatic change in society that the latest digital boom has wrought, it should come as no surprise that almost all aspects of daily life have been impacted. Interpersonal relationships, however, are perhaps among the areas most transformed by the technological progresses of the past few decades. Social media makes it easy to meet and befriend individuals across the world, and for many people, the bulk of their socialization takes place online. This has caused rather unforeseen issues to arise in intimate relationships.

How do you define cheating?
When you think of an affair, you might immediately picture physical relations as the definition. That perception is somewhat outdated, however, especially as it now becomes clear that almost every couple views the definition of “cheating” a little differently than those around them. For some, simply chatting with a friend platonically online could come perilously close to “cheating”. For others, online flirtation is no concern – the emphasis is on physical interaction.

However you define the act of cheating, chances are good that it includes a sense of emotional detachment on the part of the cheating spouse. Investing in another individual emotionally and mentally is something that many people view as a particularly harsh betrayal as that time would perhaps be better spent upon improving their relationship with their spouse. The idea of emotional infidelity might be a rather new one to find itself discussed by mainstream society, but it isn’t a surprising one to pop up as a result of the increased opportunities for emotional investment offered by the internet.

Emotional Infidelity
Briefly touched upon above, more people than ever are finding their spouses or partners involved in emotional affairs with people they’ve met online. This is a relationship that becomes very close and intimate on an emotional level. Even if nothing is ever done physical, many spouses find this kind of affair to be among the most damaging forms of infidelity. If your spouse consistently spends their time and effort on someone who is outside of your marriage, then you might be dealing with an emotional affair. This can often lead to the unfaithful partner pulling away from their spouse and causing even more issues in the relationship. Over time, this can very well lead to the ultimate breakdown of a marriage.

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